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Bounce Revolution Trampoline Park opened in Derby on 8 April 2016 with an addition not in the the owners’ original plans for Derby’s first trampoline park; a support program for eight-year-old motocross racing champion, Neo McCartney AKA Nitro Neo, who was crowned Derby’s Local Hero for using his high profile to help children’s charities.

Derby’s pocket rocket, Nitro Neo, started racing on a regional level when he was just six-Nitro Neo master kids jump Poster BRIGHTyears-old and by the age of seven he was not only competing against the best in the country in national championships, but also internationally! Neo joined a group of young racers who travelled to Europe last summer to represent Team GB at the International MX Master Kids where he beat 25 contenders from 14 countries in the final to become champion and score maximum points for Team GB.  You can watch the video of his epic adventure here.  He went on to finish fourth in his group in the British MX Cup and bagged Winter Champion to end the year on a high.  Neo is dedicated to improving his skills required for racing so the support offered by Bounce Revolution has literally got him jumping for joy as it complements the training program he’s developed for himself.

Neo’s latest partner, Bounce Revolution, adds to Derby’s diverse range of leisure facilities by offering an alternative way for all ages to stay healthy whilst having fun on 500 joined up trampolines, slam dunks, foam pits and air bags.  The trampoline park also boasts a cafe to ensure spectators are catered for; sumo-suit wrestling, wipeout rotating sweeper arms and Battle Beam all under one roof to make Bounce Revolution leaps and bounds ahead of conventional trampoline parks.

Watch this video of Neo checking out what Bounce Revolution has to offer.

Guv Beesla, Marketing Director for Bounce Revolution said:

We decided to sponsor somebody local, somebody who could be an ambassador for our brand and truly benefit from our facilities; it had to be Nitro Neo, have you seen what he can do on a motorbike?  When we learned how hard this schoolboy works and the commitments required to compete at his level we wanted to get involved and support his development.  Neo gives everything 100% and he’s achieved a lot for somebody so young, he is going for his black belt in karate later this year, he’s completed his swimming awards and he’s now a Rookie Lifeguard, and he’s a motocross champion; he matches our ambition to work hard to maintain high standards and be successful.

Mr Beesla added:
The lifetime pass we’ve given him grants free entry to complement his training program by helping improve his balance, coordination and stamina.  10 minutes on our trampolines is the equivalent of jogging at a steady pace for 33 minutes.  Visitors get all of these benefits whilst having the time of their lifes!  We wish Neo well and our staff have already told me they look forward to his weekly visits as he is such a happy and lively character.
Motocross is the hardest sport on earth, athletes are dressed head to toe in protective gear.  You get blurred vision landing jumps; you’re manoeuvring a motorbike on ever changing terrain as no two laps are the same, ruts get deeper and bumps get bigger.  There’s up to forty riders in a race going all over the place.  Heart rates are anaerobic plus and you’ll lose count of how many times a rider stands up and down on their motorbike each lap.  You have to be strong, stable, coordinated and efficient because there’s no let up, there’s no teammate to handover to, you’re on your own; accelerating, braking, the clutch, changing gears, shifting your body and timing.  There is no end to the season, no end to the training, and no end to the risk of injury, it’s endless.  That’s why many believe it’s the hardest sport on earth.

Neo’s father and manager said:

We’re really pleased to form this partnership with Bounce Revolution, the Directors are forward thinking like ourselves and the support they’ve offered will make a big contribution to Neo’s development, the trampoline park offers a balance of improving fitness whilst enjoying yourself big time.  There are so many attributes required to remain competitive in motocross, fitness is a big component so this sponsorship is very important to us.

Neo shows you can achieve anything if you are motivated enough, he knows where he wants to get to and he isn’t afraid of putting in the work necessary to achieve his goals.

We established the Nitro Neo race team to help turn his racing aspirations in to reality because there is no motorbike or racing experience within his family.  Neo gets inspiration from professionals we work with in the industry and support from sponsors who believe in our inspirational youngster, they’ve contributed to his success and we appreciate all they do for us.

You can find out more about Bounce Revolution on their website, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page.  You can find out more about Nitro Neo on his website and support the young star by following him on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, his blog and Twitter.

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Judd Racing– we’ve all heard of them, we’ve all bought from them. They are the main supplier of KTM parts for 50cc bikes through to 125cc as well as a large distributor of Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha parts.Judd Racing

The main question they ask: Are you Judd enough? Well they think Nitro Neo is, and they have asked him to be their auto sponsored rider for the 2015 season!!

Everyone in the MX game will know this is a big deal, Judd are major motocross players and only ask the best of the best to be their sponsored rider. The deal will see Neo compete against the fastest boys and girls in the country in the 2015 GT cup, as well as regional Club Championships, where he will compete against 6 to 9 year olds on 50cc race tuned bikes. Neo is also registered for the 2015 Hardcore Racing MX Master Kids UK, as well as venturing across the channel into mainland Europe for some track time.

When Nitro was told of this amazing news, he was extremely proud as all the young athletes know Judd are a prestigious company in the world of motocross. Neo can’t wait to jump on his bike sporting the 2015 Judd Racing stealth edition graphics and show Judd his best racing skills.

IMG_0285Judd Racing Director Michelle Arnold said:

We’re very pleased to be sponsoring Nitro Neo for the 2015 Season.  He’s a rider who’s not only local to us, but who’s charity work and local accolades symbolise everything that Judd Racing as the UK’s Youth Motocross Specialists care about.

Kayleigh Hellewell, Media & Communications Manager for Team Nitro added:

This is a partnership we’re so pleased to have, we know that the team at Judd are great at what they do; they are extremely helpful and knowledgable, and in return we know that Nitro Neo can use their parts to the full potential they’d like to see.  The announcement is a great end to the racing season and we can’t wait to work with Judd next year.



Here at Team Nitro we’re pleased to announce that additional sponsors have come forward to support Neo through his racing journey.

The latest addition to the team is Muc-Off who have invited Neo to be one of only 50 Factory Support Riders in the world after spotting he was such a dirty boy!

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 19.02.34

Muc-off has been the industry leader of innovative care products that keep you and your toys running at their maximum and making them look like new when you’re done for two decades!  Muc-Off produce the ultimate cleaning and lubricating products for action sports, and has current sponsorship deals with Team Sky, GT Factory Racing, Quattro Plant Kawasaki amongst others, and now; Nitro Neo – their youngest Factory Support Rider yet!

Neo signed his contract the moment it landed at Team Nitro HQ and the Muc-Off goodies have been flowing ever since.  Official congratulations came in the form of Neo’s Factory Support Rider pack containing his certificate and badges to ensure he is recognised as a Muc-Off rider wherever he goes.


Nick Charlier from Muc-Off Head Office said:

At Muc-Off we are excited to have eager aspiring athletes that are willing to go the extra mile for their sport and become ambassadors for our brand.  Muc-Off only look for the most ambitious athletes, these riders are expected to deliver results.  Muc-Off look for individuals that work well with others and have a positive attitude for life and those around them.  We appreciate it takes hard work and determination to get where you are, we are excited to support you and watch you grow to be the best you can.

Nitro Neo is super excited to have such a big player on board with a sponsorship deal, and he is determined to work even harder over the next year to prove they have made the right choice in picking him over many other riders looking for support. Neo knows that it’s his hard work, dedication and his cool personality that see him rewarded with deals like this, so he’s keen to impress and keep up the good work.

Shaun McCartney, Team Nitro Manager said:

We are proud to work with Muc-Off. We gained confidence in their products after testing others on the market but found nothing worked as well to get Neo’s bike looking as good as new after he pushes it to its limits in the most harsh racing conditions; wind, rain, sand, mud, dust, dirt, we can’t shy away from the elements in this sport.  Muc-Off has never failed to help us prepare Neo’s bike, race after race.

Thanks Muc-Off, Team Nitro are pleased to have you on board and we’re looking forward to next year’s race season to show you what Nitro Neo is really made of!  Visit for the ultimate products to keep you and your toys in mint condition, don’t fear the dirt when you know you have Muc-Off to come home to.


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