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It’s coming down to the wire of the 2014 Monster Energy Supercross Series. Check out the latest from the Dirt Shark at the Seattle SX – Moto and Fans at it’s finest!

Dirt Shark and Crew Lurked back to H Town to catch backup on the West Coast 250 Sx Class. Get the inside on the Monster Girls, Top SX athletes and Fans!!

Check out the the first ever Supercross at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey through the lens of Dirtshark and see Ryan Villopoto clinch his 4th consecutive Supercross Title!

Just when I thought there was more than enough supercross footage to get me from one race to the next……it’s all gone, just like that!  This year has been awesome, made up of all time greats like Reed and Stewart, to Villopoto, the man who is out to set new records; through to the new kids on the block like Roczen who I think is showing real potential.

Well folks, for the last time, I bring you the 2014 Monster Energy Supercross finals from Las Vegas, until the Monster Energy Cup this autumn, good bye supercross.

Full show

450 main event

250 East main event

250 West main event

250 Shoot out final

450 Podium interviews

Track map

Here we go, more videos to keep us buzzing until we can race again ourselves next weekend.  I can’t wait to watch the full show tonight, hope they put on a good show in the Big Apple!

450 main event

250 main event

Full show

Check out the first ever supercross track being used in East Rutherford, NEW YORK!!  I’m looking forward to watching the full show, released to you guys as soon it is uploaded early next week.  We aim to get the 450 and 250 main events to you on Sunday.

Wow, 2014 Monster Energy supercross is heading to New York this coming weekend for the first time ever!  I’m pretty sure this will bring us a spectacular show.  As usual I’ll share the main event races with you, but it’s the full show video I’m excited about.  I’m hoping for big things from the Vegas round too.  Here’s a Monster Energy video of what the racers think about this new venue and some behind the scenes footage, defo worth a watch.

Here is the full show along with the main events if you don’t have time to watch it all.

Full show

450 main event

250 main event

Wow. What an awesome documentary Behind the Dream is turning out to be, I’ve not seen anything like it before. You know I ride motocross so I see this show really gets across not only the commitment the rider has to give, but everybody around them invests in that one persons future. And what a future they have, whether they turn pro and get paid to do something they love, or ride for that buzz the rest of their life.

The rest of the shows can be found here on my blog.

Enjoy the show, posted by the Babe Behind the Blog x

Episode 5

Not long now so take a look at the track being used in Seattle on Sunday night.  I’ll bring you the race videos hot off the press so check your mail box instead of searching for inferior quality elsewhere. If you haven’t registered on this blog yet, go do it now!  Then I can send the videos directly to you, no searching, no missed races.