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We said this year’s Nitro Neo Easter Eggstravaganza would be bigger and better than last year, and thanks to Neo’s hard work and the support of his fans, sponsors, family and friends, he’s managed to raise and deliver a phenomenal amount of easter eggs to spread smiles to children facing a rough time this Easter.  Read on to see how many he gathered this year and what good use they went to.


Nitro Neo with the huge donation made by customers at Kingsway Sainsbury’s, Derby.

Last year Neo collected an amazing 180 Easter eggs for Derbyshire Children’s Hospital, but this year he gathered a jaw dropping 742 eggs, more than quadrupling last year’s total!



Neo kicked things off when he bought the first lot of eggs using his bonus from a recent race win.  Whilst buying them Neo and his team started chatting to Sainsbury’s staff about why it looked as if Neo was buying his own eggs for Easter.   Mark Buckley the Store Manager thought what Neo was doing was fantastic once he heard his story so he kindly offered to support his campaign to spread smiles at Easter. We were surprised when Mr Buckley gave Neo £200 on behalf of Sainsbury’s so he could buy Easter goodies from Kingsway Sainsbury’s in Derby, and we were close to bursting when Mr Buckley suggested running a Nitro Neo Eggstravaganza weekend so customers could get involved.  Get involved they did!  The people of Derbyshire didn’t disappoint, they gave generously and donated an amazing 404 easter eggs. Read about it in the Derby Telegraph!


On top of this, we have to thank the following for making it possible to put smiles on 742 young people’s faces this Easter and remind them somebody is thinking of them: Neo’s sponsors Judd Racing and Muc-Off, fellow race friends Finlay and Scott Boxall donated on behalf of 3 Peak Developments, Rowditch Bargain Booze, Keith and Alfie Pearce, Leigh Derbyshire, Reece Wheater, Heanor Tesco, Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK, and Family.

Once all of the donations were gathered Neo set off at break-neck speed to deliver them before having to get himself to Preston to race round two of the Route 77 Energy British MX Cup over the Easter weekend.  Neo delivered 204 Easter Eggs to Derbyshire Children’s Hospital, making sure each department received enough for every patient.  Neo started his delivery in out-patients where 150 were delivered for the expected number of patients attending the following week, Neo handed them out to all children who were there on the day.  A further 34 went to the wards and 20 for surgical and dental patients. 46 eggs are going to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.
Neo gave a Milky Bar egg to Emma Wilson’s son who was in A&E at the time, Emma said:
How lovely of you to be giving out easter eggs. It really touched me that young people can be so kind. So thank you for making me smile and doing such a lovely thing for others x.

Neo delivering smiles around Derbyshire Children’s Hospital

As Neo set his target so high we knew there would be too many for Derbyshire Children’s Hospital alone so he delivered 492 smiles in the form of chocolate eggs to Barnardo’s, the UK’s largest children’s charity.  Some went to local Barnardo’s charity shops and raised £248, whilst others went directly to children and were delivered personally. Neo also raised a further £125 cash for the charity.


Neo loading up 492 chocolate eggs and soft toys to spread smiles to Barnardo’s services across Derbyshire


Nitro Neo said: “It’s really nice of everyone to help me spread so many smiles this Easter. It made the children at hospital and Barnardo’s really happy when I took the Easter eggs in.  I can’t believe there were so many, we had eggs all over the place and we had to make a few trips to get them to where they needed to be.  Thank you everyone for your help, you’re all awesome and made loads of kids happy.”




Part of Neo’s delivery to Barnardo’s

 The people of Derbyshire weren’t the only ones impressed with Neo’s efforts, as not long after revealing the rising total to the Derby Telegraph we received a call from the BBC One Show asking for Neo to appear in their live Easter special show.  Neo was invited to ride his motocross bike on to the show to meet Patrick Kielty and Felicity Kendal CBE before racing against Patrick and Nicolas Hamilton using radio controlled cars, how very cool. Neo was also to be interviewed about his Eggstravaganza and motocross, bringing the sport into the headlines for all the right reasons. Neo was gutted he couldn’t make it because the show was being aired live from London and he and his bikes had to be 236 miles away to compete in round two of the British MX Cup, but The One Show assured us they will keep in touch with the little fundraising superstar!
Finally – thank you once again to each and every Nitro Neo fan – you’re the ones that make all this possible, and all of us at Nitro HQ are extremely grateful for your support.

So you’re lucky enough to have some new graphics for your bike and want to get them on ASAP to reflect your style. DON’T go rushing in to sticking them straight on your bike without first reading my fitting and care guide, otherwise you’ll end up getting frustrated whilst putting them on and disappointed when they don’t look as cool as you hoped on your bike. If you rush there’s also the risk they won’t last as long as you’d like them to. We’ve consulted graphics producers, spray paint and sign writing professionals to bring you this definitive guide to fitting your graphics.


Neo’s sponsor sent him the 2015 Nitro Neo edition Judd Racing Stealth graphics for Christmas so follow his steps to get your bike looking as sweet as his:


1. For the best result, fit your new graphics to new plastics. Well prepared used plastics will work well too if you’re not shelling out for new ones.  Each bike is different, Neo chose to apply his graphics kit with the plastics still on his bike as it provided a stable work surface.  We’ve looked at other bikes and they required some plastic panels to be removed to enable you to apply the decal around bends in the panel.

2. If you bought new plastics skip to step 3, if not, clean and dry your bike using the only products she deserves, Muc-Off. Don’t spray silicone, WD40 or anything else on the plastics afterwards.

3. Get together – your graphics kit, acetone (from Boots chemist or similar) three soft clean cotton rags or lint free cloths, a bowl of water and a hairdryer, perhaps best to plan this when your girlfriend is out if she’s precious of her expensive grooming apparatus 🙂

4. Prepare one plastic panel at a time. Dab some acetone on one of your clean cloths and give the plastic a good rub, on the front face and around the edges. The acetone will evaporate real fast, or use the hairdryer on a warm setting to speed it up, Neo did, he always does what’s best.


IMG_10855. Wet your second cloth in the bowl of water and wring it out really well before wiping over the plastic you have just cleaned with acetone, this makes sure there is no trace of solvent left on it; dry panel with a quick waft of the hairdryer.

6. Leave the backing on the decal whilst you first line it up on the plastic panel, check it’s a good fit and decide which edge of the decal you are going to apply first before smoothing the rest down. Some decals may need a trim at this stage if you’re fitting to odd shaped plastic panels. If a trim is needed use the sharpest scissors or Stanley knife you have so they don’t snag on the decal when trimming; blunt scissors can leave a jagged edge or not cut straight and smoothly.

You’re ready for step 7 once you are happy the decal fits perfectly over the plastic and around any cut outs like bolt holes or vents.


Evaporate acetone

Warm panel befor fitting


Warm decal for for shaping


7. It isn’t absolutely necessary to heat the decal before you apply it but it does help make it more flexible to apply around awkward shaped plastics, so again, warm the decal if desired, don’t heat it!


8. Peel the backing away from the decal along the edge you decided to apply first (see photos below), fold back the backing paper but don’t remove it all in one go. Apply the edge you are starting with and using the third dry clean cloth in one hand, smooth down the decal, working the cloth back and forth in straight lines. This gives a smooth application and prevents your fingers from sticking to the laminated plastic surface of the decal. If you just stick the decal straight on to the plastic panel you will trap air bubbles and the graphics will look rubbish and won’t last as long as they could have if applied correctly. Slowly work the cloth back and forth with one hand, applying the decal to the plastic as you go, and slowly peel the back off the decal with the other hand until you have worked your way along the decal and it is applied to the plastic panel.


Waft warm air to help glue go off



9. Waft the hairdryer over the decal you have just applied, on a medium heat to help the glue go off, whilst gently smoothing over it with the third clean cloth used during the application. Pay particular attention to going around the edges of the decal with the cloth to ensure they are properly stuck down.


10. Repeat this process to apply each decal to each plastic panel before standing back and admiring your handy work. Swit swoo, looking good!  If you need any more help or tips, get in touch.

Babe Behind the Blog x


Neo Dunkirk MX Track 3 loon plage




Here at Team Nitro we’re pleased to announce that additional sponsors have come forward to support Neo through his racing journey.

The latest addition to the team is Muc-Off who have invited Neo to be one of only 50 Factory Support Riders in the world after spotting he was such a dirty boy!

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 19.02.34

Muc-off has been the industry leader of innovative care products that keep you and your toys running at their maximum and making them look like new when you’re done for two decades!  Muc-Off produce the ultimate cleaning and lubricating products for action sports, and has current sponsorship deals with Team Sky, GT Factory Racing, Quattro Plant Kawasaki amongst others, and now; Nitro Neo – their youngest Factory Support Rider yet!

Neo signed his contract the moment it landed at Team Nitro HQ and the Muc-Off goodies have been flowing ever since.  Official congratulations came in the form of Neo’s Factory Support Rider pack containing his certificate and badges to ensure he is recognised as a Muc-Off rider wherever he goes.


Nick Charlier from Muc-Off Head Office said:

At Muc-Off we are excited to have eager aspiring athletes that are willing to go the extra mile for their sport and become ambassadors for our brand.  Muc-Off only look for the most ambitious athletes, these riders are expected to deliver results.  Muc-Off look for individuals that work well with others and have a positive attitude for life and those around them.  We appreciate it takes hard work and determination to get where you are, we are excited to support you and watch you grow to be the best you can.

Nitro Neo is super excited to have such a big player on board with a sponsorship deal, and he is determined to work even harder over the next year to prove they have made the right choice in picking him over many other riders looking for support. Neo knows that it’s his hard work, dedication and his cool personality that see him rewarded with deals like this, so he’s keen to impress and keep up the good work.

Shaun McCartney, Team Nitro Manager said:

We are proud to work with Muc-Off. We gained confidence in their products after testing others on the market but found nothing worked as well to get Neo’s bike looking as good as new after he pushes it to its limits in the most harsh racing conditions; wind, rain, sand, mud, dust, dirt, we can’t shy away from the elements in this sport.  Muc-Off has never failed to help us prepare Neo’s bike, race after race.

Thanks Muc-Off, Team Nitro are pleased to have you on board and we’re looking forward to next year’s race season to show you what Nitro Neo is really made of!  Visit for the ultimate products to keep you and your toys in mint condition, don’t fear the dirt when you know you have Muc-Off to come home to.


Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 11.05.39