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Judd Racing– we’ve all heard of them, we’ve all bought from them. They are the main supplier of KTM parts for 50cc bikes through to 125cc as well as a large distributor of Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha parts.Judd Racing

The main question they ask: Are you Judd enough? Well they think Nitro Neo is, and they have asked him to be their auto sponsored rider for the 2015 season!!

Everyone in the MX game will know this is a big deal, Judd are major motocross players and only ask the best of the best to be their sponsored rider. The deal will see Neo compete against the fastest boys and girls in the country in the 2015 GT cup, as well as regional Club Championships, where he will compete against 6 to 9 year olds on 50cc race tuned bikes. Neo is also registered for the 2015 Hardcore Racing MX Master Kids UK, as well as venturing across the channel into mainland Europe for some track time.

When Nitro was told of this amazing news, he was extremely proud as all the young athletes know Judd are a prestigious company in the world of motocross. Neo can’t wait to jump on his bike sporting the 2015 Judd Racing stealth edition graphics and show Judd his best racing skills.

IMG_0285Judd Racing Director Michelle Arnold said:

We’re very pleased to be sponsoring Nitro Neo for the 2015 Season.  He’s a rider who’s not only local to us, but who’s charity work and local accolades symbolise everything that Judd Racing as the UK’s Youth Motocross Specialists care about.

Kayleigh Hellewell, Media & Communications Manager for Team Nitro added:

This is a partnership we’re so pleased to have, we know that the team at Judd are great at what they do; they are extremely helpful and knowledgable, and in return we know that Nitro Neo can use their parts to the full potential they’d like to see.  The announcement is a great end to the racing season and we can’t wait to work with Judd next year.



Here at Team Nitro we’re pleased to announce that additional sponsors have come forward to support Neo through his racing journey.

The latest addition to the team is Muc-Off who have invited Neo to be one of only 50 Factory Support Riders in the world after spotting he was such a dirty boy!

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 19.02.34

Muc-off has been the industry leader of innovative care products that keep you and your toys running at their maximum and making them look like new when you’re done for two decades!  Muc-Off produce the ultimate cleaning and lubricating products for action sports, and has current sponsorship deals with Team Sky, GT Factory Racing, Quattro Plant Kawasaki amongst others, and now; Nitro Neo – their youngest Factory Support Rider yet!

Neo signed his contract the moment it landed at Team Nitro HQ and the Muc-Off goodies have been flowing ever since.  Official congratulations came in the form of Neo’s Factory Support Rider pack containing his certificate and badges to ensure he is recognised as a Muc-Off rider wherever he goes.


Nick Charlier from Muc-Off Head Office said:

At Muc-Off we are excited to have eager aspiring athletes that are willing to go the extra mile for their sport and become ambassadors for our brand.  Muc-Off only look for the most ambitious athletes, these riders are expected to deliver results.  Muc-Off look for individuals that work well with others and have a positive attitude for life and those around them.  We appreciate it takes hard work and determination to get where you are, we are excited to support you and watch you grow to be the best you can.

Nitro Neo is super excited to have such a big player on board with a sponsorship deal, and he is determined to work even harder over the next year to prove they have made the right choice in picking him over many other riders looking for support. Neo knows that it’s his hard work, dedication and his cool personality that see him rewarded with deals like this, so he’s keen to impress and keep up the good work.

Shaun McCartney, Team Nitro Manager said:

We are proud to work with Muc-Off. We gained confidence in their products after testing others on the market but found nothing worked as well to get Neo’s bike looking as good as new after he pushes it to its limits in the most harsh racing conditions; wind, rain, sand, mud, dust, dirt, we can’t shy away from the elements in this sport.  Muc-Off has never failed to help us prepare Neo’s bike, race after race.

Thanks Muc-Off, Team Nitro are pleased to have you on board and we’re looking forward to next year’s race season to show you what Nitro Neo is really made of!  Visit for the ultimate products to keep you and your toys in mint condition, don’t fear the dirt when you know you have Muc-Off to come home to.


Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 11.05.39

Nitro Neo brings moto action to home town

Christmas light switch on

It is with great excitement that we can announce Nitro Neo has been asked to play a major part in turning on both Derby City Centre and intu Derby shopping mall Christmas lights.  The news just broke on ITV News:

intu Derby informed Team Nitro that they are so impressed with Neo’s selfless acts for his community at such a young age, he has been crowned their “Local hHero” and he’s invited to the shopping mall on Saturday 15th November to be the main attraction at their biggest event of the year, the Christmas light switch on, entertainment details here.  They are also rewarding Neo’s acts of kindness with a VIP shopping experience worth £1000! WOW!  We have to admit nobody deserves it more, Neo is a hard working and very thoughtful boy.  Here is the video of us breaking the news to Neo:

The Christmas fun also announced by Derby Telegraph doesn’t end there.  Nitro Neo is in demand this year, following the light switch on at intu, Neo will be whisked away by the main man himself – SANTA – to start the city centre Christmas parade.  Derby LIVE have asked Neo to bring a flavour of something new to the city centre Christmas light switch on, and Neo won’t disappoint. He is going to lead a Christmas parade through the city centre, on his motocross bike of course, in front of thousands of revellers who come to enjoy the festive entertainment being put on by intu Derby and Derby LIVE throughout the day; all this at the tender age of 7!


Neo would love to see you all there!

Auto 07.09.14 218Neo’s VIP day will begin around 10am thanks to intu, and after he has been made to feel as special as the people he gives his time to, you can join him for the big countdown to the light switch on at 4pm on Level 2 near the food hall. After these celebrations Neo and Santa will be whisked away by security to Sitwell Street where Neo will lead the parade on his motocross bike, through the city’s pedestrian zone and up to the Cathedral on Iron Gate; taking motocross to the people!


Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 13.10.56

Once the parade is complete Neo will join Capital FM presenters Dino and Pete on stage at The Market Place where he will have a chat before standing side by side with Santa and other performers to switch on Derby City’s
Christmas lights at 6pm, in-front of over 6000 Christmas shoppers expected at the festive event – what a night!

We’re so proud of you Neo, well done!

For more information on intu Christmas light switch on, please visit their website. More information on Derby LIVE’s Christmas parade and light switch on is available here.

Approximate timing:

1030am Nitro Neo commences VIP day at intu.

3:30pm Nitro Neo on standby for light switch on at intu.  Stage entertainment begins at The Market Place.

4pm Nitro Neo welcomed on stage to turn on intu shopping centre lights.

4:30pm Nitro Neo leads Derby LIVE Christmas parade from Babington Lane, through pedestrian zone; St. Peters Street, Corn Market, to the Cathedral on Iron Gate.  Passing Derby LIVE Capital FM stage in the Market Place around 5pm.

5:45pm Nitro Neo on standby to go on stage at the Market Place.

5:55pm Nitro Neo welcomed on stage by hosts Dino and Pete from Capital FM.

6pm City centre lights are turned on.  BOOM!!!!!!!

Watch here exactly what Neo spent his reward money on……selfless once again, treating his whole family to a well deserved holiday.

The ITV story following the big day gives a great insight into how much the crowd enjoyed the event:

HTB Productions also followed Neo for the day so you can see how exciting it was for everybody involved:

News brought to you by Babe Behind the Blog, signing off until next time.

You’ve gotta love Team Nitro, how else would you get such cool entertainment in one place? Here it is, what we’ve been waiting for. If you commit yourself to your sport, if you ride, if your family rides; if you race or simply love motocross and understand how much riders and those around them give, then you will experience the emotional rush Team Nitro Neo did watching this documentary.  It’s a huge commitment from you and all of those around you, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a calling you can’t ignore.

Enjoy, and remember to come back because you get it all here first guys, so share Nitro Neo with your family and friends, Facebook, twitter and instagram.

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Nitros and Nitrettes, drum roll please.

Nitro Neo himself has picked a lucky winner of the Chad Reed 1:6 scale MX bike, yeah boy!

Take a look:

Well done to everyone that took part, don’t be sad if you didn’t win – a signed Nitro Neo pic is on its way to you!

As for the winner, send us a pic when you get the bike, we’d love to pop it on the blog 🙂

Finally, a massive thanks to for supplying us with a prize – we couldn’t have done it without your support, it was great to have you on board – here’s some shameless promo for them: get over to their website and take a look at their MX gear, it’s mint, and I’m sure there’s still a sale on 🙂

Laters, love the babe behind the blog x