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It’s coming down to the wire of the 2014 Monster Energy Supercross Series. Check out the latest from the Dirt Shark at the Seattle SX – Moto and Fans at it’s finest!

Dirt Shark and Crew Lurked back to H Town to catch backup on the West Coast 250 Sx Class. Get the inside on the Monster Girls, Top SX athletes and Fans!!

Check out the the first ever Supercross at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey through the lens of Dirtshark and see Ryan Villopoto clinch his 4th consecutive Supercross Title!

Another fine instalment from Dirt Shark, this time footage from lurking in the pits last weekend at St. Louis.  Still loving these short behind the scenes videos, are you?

Monster Energy Supercross Season 5 is here and the Dirt Shark Crew is back at it again lurking at the opening round in Anaheim. Watch our selection of videos as they lurk the pits and catch up with all the Top SX Athletes, MonsterGirls, while dropping never before seen race footage and debauchery….

The Dirt Shark Crew made it out to the 2014 Phoenix Supercross to lurk the pits and capture all the laughs with Top SX athletes, Monster Girl Action and exclusive race footage, check it out.

The Dirt Shark Crew rolled up to Oakland to film with Unknown Industries….masters of the Harley Wheelie. They also Lurked in the pits of Oakland supercross to capture some insane behind the scenes footage.

Sick sick sick.  AC, RV, JW and KR flow as smooth as dreamy melted chocolate pouring from a chocolate fountain, see for yourself, and Kens whip at the end of the Farm 2…….bad ass!

Rail the Farm

Rail the Farm 2

Lurk with the Dirt Shark Crew as they capture all the behind the scenes action at the 2014 Daytona SX with the Fans, Monster Girls, and top Supercross Athletes.
Bit of entertainment on my break!

Join me as I’m about to watch this video of the Dirt Shark Crew lurking in the pits of the Dirty South, showing behind the scenes action at the 2014 Atlanta Supercross.  Lovin’ these short films.

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