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So you’re in a jam on what present to buy somebody, whether it’s a small or big kid,  Nitro Neo has you covered with Lego motocross toys, oh yes, two of the coolest things in the world!  Some imagination is required from what I saw him playing with earlier, but as you can see from the photos he has his Lego sets dialled in!

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Some Lego was clearly motocross themed but Neo also took standard pieces to do a top job running his own Monster Energy Supercross race.  He has everything to play as the rider who heads out for fun at the weekend, through to a full factory pro-rider set up….



….Mixing your imagination and LEGO sets like the dirt bike transporter, City camper van, monster trucks and big boy sets such as Speed Champions; with random pieces to make flags and a podium with trophies and prize money is what makes it all happen.  Motorhome to pro-factory rigs, spectators, racers with body armour and helmets and goggles, marshals with flags, mechanics with tools and spares  You get the drift, basically he’s slowly bought the lot with his race winnings!

So, if you’re stuck for ideas on what to get the motocross lover in your life for their birthday, Christmas, or whatever the occassion, here you go, some Lego will surely be their favourite toy of the day.  Plus, you can add to it each time you buy them a gift or they can use their pocket money to build it up (or wages, we know big kids will love these too).  I hope you like our inspiration, and good luck tapping in to Nitro Neo’s imagination. There was some pretty big jumps and whips being pulled at the Nitro Neo Motocross World Championships!


Where to find it?  Try Argos, Argos sells everything and often have awesome deals on, Smyths, Toys R Us, or search for the sets listed below that Nitro Neo has, and of course utilise your imagination and existing lego to complete your set!

LEGO City High Speed Police Chase – 60042

LEGO City Race Car – 60053

LEGO City Dirt Bike Transporter – 4433

LEGO Monster Trucks – 10655

LEGO Scuderia Ferrari Truck – 75913

LEGO City Camper Van – 60057

Are all #NitroNeoApproved



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Setting trends and railing bends at


Guys, there’s a cool new video game being developed and I’m really looking forward to playing it!

While we wait though, why not try out Motocross Elite on your mobile, or MUD/Motorstorm on the PS3? They’re the fave games at Team Nitro – and yes, he might only be six but he kicks everyones ass at gaming!

Motocross Elite

We’ve stumbled across something new today – and it’s good…


<———————- Almost this good is a place for all things extreme sports. Nitro Neo’s profile can be found here: so go and add him to your crew.

Want to know what it’s all about, there’s a video here.

So what is it about?

There’s something for everyone, be it us, the general user, or clubs, venues, shops, brands.

The clubs and shops can promote what they do, so we can find what we need all in one place, and users can find out the best places to go and ride, skate, BMX… whatever you’re into – there’s loads of sports covered here.

Neo’s already got some of his fave places to go uploaded to give you a head start, so go and see for yourself – and give us some feedback, what do you think to it? Hot or not?