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The UK’s largest children’s charity, IMG_0072Barnardos, nominated schoolboy Neo McCartney for a Pride of Britain Award because staff are so moved by the compassion he shows others and impressed by all he has achieved by the tender age of nine.  The Pride of Britain Awards celebrate the achievements of truly remarkable people who make our world a better place and Neo’s father, Shaun McCartney commented “Although Neo wasn’t a finalist this year; it is an accomplishment in itself for Barnardo’s to believe he is worthy.”

Devika Chowdhury from Barnardo’s, said: “Neo is an inspirational young man who goes above and beyond to raise money for those who are less fortunate than himself.  We are very grateful for all the fundraising Neo does for Barnardo’s.”

The motocross racing champion, better known as Nitro Neo said “ My charity work started when I saw a news story about children who had to spend Christmas in hospital.  I thought they would be sad not having any presents to open on Christmas day because Santa delivered them to their homes, so I asked my dad if I could take some of my toys in to hospital for them to play with.”  Shaun added “I posted what Neo was doing on his social media and fans replied wanting to add to his donation, we made it easy for anybody to get involved by letting fans know if everybody donated a little, it would amount to a lot when Neo gathered all the gifts together; then off we went driving around gathering toys”.

The sporting celebrity has continued this charity work ever since and achieved his mission of spreading smiles on the faces of children using Barnardo’s and Derbyshire Children’s Hospital by delivering hundreds of gifts gathered through his ‘Nitro Neo Eggstravaganza’ and ‘Operation Christmas Smiles’ campaigns.  Neo spends time with the children and their families to distract them from their troubles when he delivers the gifts, Shaun told us “I think people appreciate his time more than the gifts, they talk about his racing, he takes the children to play areas and even takes his motocross bike with him so children can be photographed sat on it to show their visitors and talk about their experience.”

Neo used his high profile to promote the Ice Bucket Challenge in an attempt to increase donations to help the Motor Neurone Disease Association find a cure for his grandad who was suffering from MND at the time, but sadly passed away recently after an astonishing eight year battle with the disease.

Neo is in full time education and trains on and off the track several times a week for motocross races but has worked hard to achieve more by the age of nine than others manage in a lifetime.  Shaun told us “He has won international and regional motocross titles, advanced in swimming to become a Rookie Lifeguard, named Jon Jepson Black Belt Academy Student of the Year and will grade for his black belt next year, named as Derby’s Local Hero and received the Bobby Dorka Foundation Award”.

We asked Neo what drives him to work so hard and he told us “My grandad and dad teach me to always do the right thing so I help people fix their problems instead of struggle on their own, but I can only do the big missions with the help of my fans, I want to thank them for supporting me racing and helping me spread smiles for #NitroAid.”

We’re sure the people of Britain will be proud of this young boy when they hear of this news, the contribution he makes to society and proof people are capable of great things.

Keep up with Nitro Neo’s adventures and next mission to spread smiles by visiting his website and following Nitro Neo on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

#NitroChristmas video preview of
Neo McCartney officially launching Christmas

Team Nitro had to move fast once they were informed Neo had been chosen as intu Derby shopping centre’s local hero for all of the work he does to help people.  You can read my blog about it here.

The team called upon the services of HTB Productions to eternalise Nitro Neo’s big day in glorious HD video.  Here’s what Harvey had to say from HTB Productions:

htbpI wasn’t sure what to expect when meeting Neo and the team, however it was a pleasant surprise. Nitro Neo is not your average seven year old, it seems as though he was born for motocross fame. He has been one of the most entertaining and easy going people I have done a shoot with, he doesn’t freeze or shake when a camera is pointing in his face. As a matter of fact he does the opposite, Neo takes it all in his stride. Dancing and waving to make the video as fun and amusing as possible! Definitely the coolest seven year old out there. I look forward to working with him and the team in the future.

Here is the #NitroChristmas preview that landed in the office today, we can’t wait to see the final video.

Nitro Neo brings moto action to home town

Christmas light switch on

It is with great excitement that we can announce Nitro Neo has been asked to play a major part in turning on both Derby City Centre and intu Derby shopping mall Christmas lights.  The news just broke on ITV News:

intu Derby informed Team Nitro that they are so impressed with Neo’s selfless acts for his community at such a young age, he has been crowned their “Local hHero” and he’s invited to the shopping mall on Saturday 15th November to be the main attraction at their biggest event of the year, the Christmas light switch on, entertainment details here.  They are also rewarding Neo’s acts of kindness with a VIP shopping experience worth £1000! WOW!  We have to admit nobody deserves it more, Neo is a hard working and very thoughtful boy.  Here is the video of us breaking the news to Neo:

The Christmas fun also announced by Derby Telegraph doesn’t end there.  Nitro Neo is in demand this year, following the light switch on at intu, Neo will be whisked away by the main man himself – SANTA – to start the city centre Christmas parade.  Derby LIVE have asked Neo to bring a flavour of something new to the city centre Christmas light switch on, and Neo won’t disappoint. He is going to lead a Christmas parade through the city centre, on his motocross bike of course, in front of thousands of revellers who come to enjoy the festive entertainment being put on by intu Derby and Derby LIVE throughout the day; all this at the tender age of 7!


Neo would love to see you all there!

Auto 07.09.14 218Neo’s VIP day will begin around 10am thanks to intu, and after he has been made to feel as special as the people he gives his time to, you can join him for the big countdown to the light switch on at 4pm on Level 2 near the food hall. After these celebrations Neo and Santa will be whisked away by security to Sitwell Street where Neo will lead the parade on his motocross bike, through the city’s pedestrian zone and up to the Cathedral on Iron Gate; taking motocross to the people!


Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 13.10.56

Once the parade is complete Neo will join Capital FM presenters Dino and Pete on stage at The Market Place where he will have a chat before standing side by side with Santa and other performers to switch on Derby City’s
Christmas lights at 6pm, in-front of over 6000 Christmas shoppers expected at the festive event – what a night!

We’re so proud of you Neo, well done!

For more information on intu Christmas light switch on, please visit their website. More information on Derby LIVE’s Christmas parade and light switch on is available here.

Approximate timing:

1030am Nitro Neo commences VIP day at intu.

3:30pm Nitro Neo on standby for light switch on at intu.  Stage entertainment begins at The Market Place.

4pm Nitro Neo welcomed on stage to turn on intu shopping centre lights.

4:30pm Nitro Neo leads Derby LIVE Christmas parade from Babington Lane, through pedestrian zone; St. Peters Street, Corn Market, to the Cathedral on Iron Gate.  Passing Derby LIVE Capital FM stage in the Market Place around 5pm.

5:45pm Nitro Neo on standby to go on stage at the Market Place.

5:55pm Nitro Neo welcomed on stage by hosts Dino and Pete from Capital FM.

6pm City centre lights are turned on.  BOOM!!!!!!!

Watch here exactly what Neo spent his reward money on……selfless once again, treating his whole family to a well deserved holiday.

The ITV story following the big day gives a great insight into how much the crowd enjoyed the event:

HTB Productions also followed Neo for the day so you can see how exciting it was for everybody involved:

News brought to you by Babe Behind the Blog, signing off until next time.

DSC_0593-2 - Version 2

I popped along on Sunday to watch the final race of CJMX’s Winter Championships to check out how Neo and the other racers got on, and I can’t say I was disappointed!  The final race of the Winter Championships is also the first race of the Club Championships, so there was a lot on the line for these guys as the points would count for both series.

It’s normally an early start for race meetings, but with the sun out on Sunday and the track looking in great condition ready for a good day of racing it doesn’t put you off.  First things first – Nitro got his new kit on which has been pimped with his race number 1 in hot pink and neon yellow leopard print – gotta love a bit of leopard print, and hey, he wears it well 🙂 Looking around the rest of the racers it seemed quite a few have been treated to new kits for the new season – looking good guys!

Next thing is the announcement of scrutineering – now I don’t know if you’ve been along to a race before, but the tannoy systems are RUBBISH, so it’s a bit of guess work on the order of the day and when to take the bikes for scrutineering. So 9am comes around, and off pops the team manager and Nitro Neo to have the bike and helmet checked over. Everything has to be in tip top shape or there’s no racing, but a lot of love and attention goes into that 2014 KTM 50SX – so it’s always gonna pass.

Nitro Neo lines up for practice laps

In the autos the ages range from about 6 (like Nitro) up to 8 year olds. For some, it’s their first year racing (like Nitro), and others have been in this class for a while. The older ones are quick, no doubt about it, but it gives the other racers someone to chase, and try and beat so it makes it interesting.

First out for practice laps were the adults, then youths then autos. Nitro Neo gave it a good go, taking it steady to learn the track and make sure he knew where the best lines were to keep his speed up for the real race ahead.  Neo would have three 20 min races over the course of the day. The first race started with picking a good gate to start off from and getting into a good frame of mind, before starting up the bike and filling the air with that great sound – braaaaaaapapapappapappap!

GATE DROP TIME! Engines are revving and all the kids are fighting for the hole shot – Neo makes it to third position. Round a sweeping left bend they all head, tussling between them for a better position before heading up hill and towards a few jumps. Everything was going so well, until Nitro is side swiped and knocked off by another rider! Quick to pick himself up, the next setback was his bike not restarting – imagine the frustration in the middle of a race. Eventually he got going again, but it was going to take hard work to regain his place at the top.

Pushing on through the set back, Neo went full throttle and managed to work his way up two places – despite the fall and mechanical issues, there were two races left, and that’s what he had to focus on.

In the time leading up to the second race his bike got a good once over so it was ready to race once again. This is the time to unwind, refuel and chat to friends – it was nice to see that some Facebook followers came over to say hi, and two fans also came to watch him race.

Race number two: Neo know’s what he’s got to do to regain his place…. Preparation is key, so he spent some time smoothing out and treading down his line out of the gate to make sure his bike wouldn’t hit any ruts that could slow him down as he tore off the line. Neo exploded out of the gate, doing well to stay on his bike! There was a crash on the first corner, luckily the kid was ok!
By this race the track had big holes and deep ruts from the bigger bikes so the autos had to hold on tight as their small bikes bounced around taking the force from the bumps – at one point, what should have been a good stretch to lick some speed they were bouncing all over, I’m surprised at how well they all did to stay on their bikes! Luckily, Neo had found his rhythm and as he gained confidence with the track and started to push himself and his bike harder – right up to 8th position.

In the break Nitro gave a big shout out to a friend he’s made in the Clubman class; Ricky ‘Bobble’ Mitchell, who has a KTM 125 SX (ps Ricky, I hear you did well and got a good score, well done!)

Race number three: Unfortunately, during another race there were two bad accidents in the 85cc small wheel class, so the final race was delayed. Two kids were stretchered off by the paramedics – I hope they’re being fixed up and get well soon, it looked pretty painful and it’s not nice to see!  While everyone waited for the track to be cleared, Neo did some pre-race exercises before getting on his bike so when the gate dropped he was more than ready. He came storming out of the gates when the time came and was FLYING!

This race was super exciting, easily the best of the day. Honestly, I think other people had seen how well Neo had bounced back from the first race, and saw how he was creeping up on some of the more experienced riders and they didn’t see it coming – it’s safe to say there were some parent-kid talks in-between racing (nobody wants to be beaten by the seasons newcomer!).

However, the luck wasn’t in for the other riders as whenever Neo had someone in his sights he chased them down and took their position, finally making his way to fourth position. Neo was battling to keep fourth position with Jacob Moore, a older more experienced rider. Neo took Jacob for one lap, then Jacob would come back for the next….. at the end…… it was…….. Jacob’s. It was so close right to the end, with only seconds in it.

photo 2

Race results:
Given Neo’s amazing performance as newcomer, the points from Sunday’s race secured him a podium finish of third place in the Winter Championships.

I caught up with the race scorers at the end who confirmed Neo came ‘unofficially’ 6th in the first race of the season (will check back when the points are up and officially confirm), so not a bad start and the only way is up for this kid!  Overall everyone raced well that day, it was great to watch the autos especially as they are all so young, but love the sport so much already – they all try so hard and all want to win.

It’s great to see such a good start to the season for Nitro Neo, who pulled in the last three races of 2013 as a test to see if he wanted a race license and to start properly in 2014. Those races saw him in the bottom three, which isn’t surprising with such little race experience, but to compare to what I saw on Sunday was an amazing turnaround…. WOW. Out of nowhere, Neo is jostling in the top five and from what I saw, the only way is up.

It just goes to show, that winners never quit, and quitters never win – Nitro Neo chooses to win. Well done dude, all your hard work certainly paid off and I can’t wait for the next race – I hope I’m kept on the edge of my seat again!

Also see:

Moto Magazine Race Report (Neo’s in the auto section towards the end)

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Neo’s website

I have to say, I’m taken aback!  Nitro Neo’s donation to Derbyshire Children’s Hospital has made it into none other than MOTO magazine!


Click here to read their full story.


We all knew what he did was brilliant, and we are proud of him, but to have it recognised in an international magazine dedicated to his favourite sport is just amazing.


Onwards and upwards little dude – obviously at 6 he is pretty modest, but everyone here in Team Nitro knows how big this is and are very proud (as well as a little starstruck to know such a celeb).

Moto mag homepage


On 23rd December 2013 children in Derbyshire Children’s Hospital went NITRO for his toy donation.  Neo arrived with 250 toys and donated them so the children in hospital, or attending appointments would be happier having such nice toys to play with.

It’s the first time the hospital have had such a donation – Nitro Neo really is one of a kind. We don’t know any six year old anywhere else that is so generous and uses their own time to make other people happyIMG_0022

Nitro Neo paid the hospital a visit with his motocross bike, some signed goodies and handed over bags and bags full of toys. After letting some of the children visiting outpatients have a sit on his bike, he chatted to them about the sport and wished them well.  Nitro Neo also visited the Sunflower Ward to play with some of the children who weren’t well enough to venture outside to have their photo taken on his bike to show family and friends.


Nitro Neo told us: “I’m a lucky boy, and I love my family very much so when my parents told me that som children might not have Christmas at home it made me sad. I wanted to know why, and I wanted to make sure they could be happy at Christmas time.



I have a lot of toys, and so does my sister, so I wanted to give a lot of them to someone else to make them happy and feel better.

I loved going to meet the children who have to stay in hospital, it was nice to spend some time with them and tell them I had brought along new toys for them to play with. I think I made them happy!”


Fran Watson, Senior Hospital Play Specialist from Royal Derby Hospital said: “We received a message on twitter from @Nitro_Neo asking if he could make a donation, which of course, we were more than happy to help with.

It’s always nice to know people wish to make donations, but for such a young boy to want to help of his own accord is quite unique. It certainly cheered up our patients knowing they have new toys to play with and they loved talking to Neo about his racing.

On behalf of the staff and children in the children’s hospital, thank you Neo”.

Merry Christmas everyone, love from the Babe Behind the Blog and the rest of Team Nitro! xxx

With special thanks to everyone who helped Nitro Neo spread smiles at the Children’s Hospital this year 🙂

Read the newspaper article here, listen to the BBC Radio interview here and international Moto Magazine here.



Wow – we’ve finally made it completely online. The support for Nitro Neo has been unreal through Facebook and Twitter and it’s amazing that so many people want to check out what he is up to, support him in his races and generally have a bit of banter – it’s all good fun.

So now we have grown and the website, gallery, videos and blog are all up and running, and lordy lord it has taken some work but that’s what TMI are here for (you can have an introduction to them later).

What I really want to say is welcome and a MASSIVE THANKS for joining Nitro Neo on the next step of his journey.

Keep up the support, there are great things to come, but he can’t do it without his following. He might only be young, but he likes to make people happy (and show off a little ha ha).

Cheers guys,

The Babe Behind The Blog x