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If MX bike tuning is on the agenda this year – you’re going to want to read this…

Auto-Tek – Chances are you’ve heard of them on the MX circuit or have used them yourself – but one thing is certain – if you’re considering tuning your kids bike you’ll want to get in touch with them.

I was lucky enough to grab some time with Pete, the brains behind Auto-Tek, to talk about his job, why his method of tuning is the best in the business and where it all began.

Pete is based in Doncaster, just down the road from FatCat Moto Parc and he’s got a great workshop to meet the needs of his business. When I visited he had both of Nitro Neo’s bikes in his workshop, three other autos, an 85 and a 125. Pete had just finished a tuning project ready for the owner to collect later that evening, freeing up valuable space to work on his next bike.

I can’t help but feel a bit out of my depth as Pete guides me around his workshop showing me all of the different parts he has hand-made, the tools he uses and talking about projects he has worked on, but one thing is clear – this man knows his stuff, and is one of the most passionate people I’ve met. When it comes to tuning motocross bikes, there is nothing he hasn’t tested, nothing he doesn’t know, nothing he hasn’t thought about.  Pete’s spent a long time developing his products to the stage they’re at now. I was surprised to learn Auto-Tek also offer the full range of MX services, not just tuning.

From humble beginnings, to race tuned machines   

Pete tells me: “I always wanted to be a motor mechanic, I think it’s because my family was in the car trade when I was a teenager. I’d always been into bikes, but my trade began with cars and I’ve been building engines for thirty years. I’ve built engines for rally cars, banger racing cars and bikes.”

So, with a background in building car engines, where did Auto-Tek come from and how did Pete start working on bikes?

Pete: “I used to ride a motocross bike for fun, but I didn’t compete. I have two children and when my eldest, Lauren Collingwood, started in the auto class I made some friends and contacts when taking her to races. One person I met – who was a tuner – had cylinder kits from Italy which he would bring over and sell as a bolt-on upgrade. He was based in the south of England so any parts he shipped stayed in the south, with very little being distributed in the midlands and the north so we had a chat and spoke about franchising his business.

“I spent a day with him, fitting some kits and came away with 10 cylinder kits to sell myself. Off I went back to Doncaster, and that’s where Auto-Tek began, as a franchise selling pre-tuned parts. One thing led to another and I decided to do some testing and develop my own specification and tuning to upgrade motocross bikes and I ended up specialising in youth bikes.”

But that’s not the extent of Pete’s skills at Auto-Tek. He is able to set suspension, rebuild engines, build wheels and build bespoke bikes from the ground up. Pete tells me: “It’s got to the point where most of the local bike shops will send wheels to me to repair, respoke or build – it’s actually more cost effective for them to outsource the work to me, plus I’m good at building them so it’s a win win situation. I’ve done this for so long; I’ve built parts for Harley Davidson’s and I also took part in the British Biker Build Off around five years ago!”

A wheel built by Pete
“When my son was racing in the autos I designed him a 50cc Cobra. It took me six months from start to finish and I did the whole thing, from hand made aluminium carriers to modifying the exhaust and carb. There wasn’t a part of that bike I didn’t upgrade and it was amazing. It featured in TMX before I sold it on.”

Let’s get down to business

It’s clear a lot of experience has been built up over the years but I could see specialist tools and equipment had also been built up over the years such as porting tools and a large press for pushing bearings and crank shafts – most importantly, I’d say, is the industrial heater he has in there to keep him going in the winter months! No one wants cold hands when putting bolts back onto a bike, hey!

BBTB: How can people get their bike tuned by you?

Pete: First of all, get in touch because tuning is not something to be afraid of, it improves efficiency and gets the most out of your bike.  Generally, I’d rather have the full bike delivered if possible. I also get quite a few brand new bikes delivered straight to me for tuning, the owner then picks it up from me instead of the dealer all tuned and ready to go.

Alternatively, I’m happy for engines to be couriered to me, and I’ll return them when complete as long as the owner is confident in putting the engine back in the bike. I’m always at the end of the phone for anyone needing help though.

BBTB: How long have you been working on your current configuration for the KTM 50SX?

Pete: A very long time, but I have made significant developments to the kit and stator tuning over the last six months. This has allowed me to get it to where it is now, test it and make sure it’s reliable.

BBTB: What are the benefits to having a bike tuned by Auto-Tek?

Pete: Without a doubt, more speed, more power, more torque; the ride-ability of the bike will also be improved.


BBTB: We all know MX bike engines are worked extremely hard, and can be prone to problems. Do you think your tuning is as reliable as a standard engine?

Pete: Yes my tuning has been developed, tested and proven reliable. It has to be as my reputation is based on my work.  You just have to be strict with your maintenance routine.  Keep on top of piston changes – they must be a regular part of maintenance – I would recommend doing a piston change every 8 hours or less due to the high revs.

Saying that, piston changes are an absolute must on any race bike. Maintenance is key. If done regularly and properly your bike will stay tip top.

BBTB: Do you test an engine’s performance before and after tuning to measure improvements?

Pete: I’ve spent so much time developing the tuning kit, and testing it that I have been able to standardise the process to make sure I get consistent improvements from every tune; I now know each bike will get the same additional power after every tune.

A great deal of thought and science has gone into each rebuild, and to save the complicated part of explaining the ins and outs, I know exactly what needs to be done to get a bike to optimal performance and each and every one is improved.


BBTB: Do you offer advice on maintenance?

Pete: I’m always at the end of a phone if anybody needs me.  It’s not a case of sending in your bike or engine, I do the work, and never hearing from me again. I want people to get the most from their tuned engine, and that means I make myself available and I am willing to give advice, help and support if my customers need it.

BBTB: We can verify that – Team Nitro have called Pete up a fair few times for advice, and true to his word he has been there and helped us out!

Sponsorship and successes

BBTB: First, thank you for supporting our team rider Nitro Neo through the 2015 race season. For those who don’t know, Auto-Tek has tuned Team Nitro’s practice and race bikes ahead of Neo competing in the GT National Cup, Lucas Oil Auto GP, MX Master Kids (International and UK series) and Club Championships this year.

Pete: It’s a pleasure. Nitro Neo is one of a very limited number of racers receiving full sponsorship support from me this year. I get lots of requests for sponsorship, but I  can only invest my time and resources in to a few riders who show true potential and from what I’ve seen Neo has just that, he’s going from strength to strength. I wish him all the best for a successful future on his Auto-Tek tuned bikes.

BBTB: How many riders will receive full sponsorship for 2015?

Pete: Nitro Neo and two other racers.

BBTB: Do you offer reduced packages to customers?

Pete: Not routinely. Whilst I’d love to be able to offer everyone something like that, I have a business to run. I will always try to look after people, keeping my prices competitive and reduce costs all round where I can. I genuinely appreciate the support I receive from my customers but as a tuning business I have to spend many hours and a lot of money to get the bikes to where they need to be, so I have to be selective with any sponsorship.  From time to time I will run promotional offers.

BBTB: That’s enough money talk, tell me about the riders who’ve been successful racing on bikes that you have tuned.

Pete: One of the most recent racers was Ollie Colder. He won the GT cup last year. Also, Lewis Hall who was the 2013 Team Green Kawasaki race winner in the British Youth Nationals. My daughter, Lauren Collingwood, has won more nationals than anyone I can mention and each win has been on a bike I’ve tuned.
I usually get a minimum of one national win a year.

BBTB: Well, I can’t argue with that, you’ve certainly had a lot of success and high profile race wins!

BBTB: Finally, can you describe the best part of your job? You’re very lucky to do something you love, but what keeps you going and makes it worthwhile?

Pete: Having two children that race motocross (Kian, 12, and Lauren, 18) – I basically do all of this for them! I love that they are so passionate about the sport, I also love tuning bikes as a job but it’s an added bonus knowing that they enjoy it too.

Everything I do is for my kids. Not many tuners can say that, and none will have kids that race like mine and that are national champions and have the passion for motocross just like I do.

How you can talk tuning with Auto-Tek

If tuning was on your agenda, I’m sure you’ll now be interested in talking with Auto-Tek to see what can be done for your bike.  I hope we’ve given you an insight into Auto-Tek and the science of tuning.  Pete also provides the full range of services you need from routine maintenance and engine rebuilds, to refreshes and engine tuning.

You’ll find Auto Tek on Facebook: or give Pete a call to chat things through on 07903 980369. Be sure to mention you heard about him from Nitro Neo.

Auto-Tek Logo

Here is the supercross behind the scenes documentary we’ve all come to love since season one kicked off last year, yep, Behind the Dream.  I’m about to sit down and check our episode two, let me know what you think after the show?

Round five already, can you believe it? I’d better get in to it, this post brings you the post show round up with Jim Holly and Andy Bowyer and podium interviews with the top three riders from the 250cc class and 450cc.

I’m really pleased for Ryan Dungey taking the top step in the premiere class, he works so hard and he’s always there in the top three, well deserved I say.

Post show review

450cc podium interviews

1st – Andy Bowyer talks with Ryan Dungey after he dominates the Main Event!

2nd – Jim Holley welcomes Cole Seely back to the podium!

3rd – Jim Holley talks with Eli Tomac about how he beat Roczen for Third Place on the last lap!


250cc podium interviews

1st – Andy Bowyer talks with Cooper Webb after he takes the Main Event win tonight!

2nd – Andy Bowyer talks with Jessy Nelson right after the Main Event!

3rd – Jim Holley talks with Aaron Plessinger right after the Main Event!

Andy Bowyer and Jim Holley review all the action in round 4 Main Events, from the track to the podium!  On this blog you’ll find a round up of the action in the 250 and 450 main events and podium interviews with the top three from each class.

450 class podium interviews

1st – Andy Bowyer talks with Trey Canard after he claims his first win since 2011.

2nd – Jim Holley talks with Ryan Dungey right after the Main Event!

3rd – Chad Reed, but there’s no interview available, possibly spat his dummy out after being black flagged last week.

25o class podium interviews

1st – Andy Bowyer talks with Malcolm Stewart after he earns his first Supercross win!

2nd – Cooper Webb Jim Holley talks with Cooper Webb about the crash he had with Tyler Bowers.

3rd – Jim Holley talks with Alex Martin about his first ever podium!



What do we have here then in preparation for round five tomorrow?  I’m bringing you a picture of the track, animated track map and a story exploring if freaky fast Ken Roczen can keep his Anaheim win streak alive after last weeks nasty fall from the sky!


The two sets of whoops and double on off sections look to make for some good racing this weekend in California.  Don’t forget to share my blog with your motocross friends so they can find all the supercross they need in one place.  Register below and my blogs get delivered direct to your inbox to watch whenever you like.

Here’s a story I’ve found on Vurb Moto about Kenny.

And here’s the animated track map

Take a tour of the track being built for round 4 in Oakland.  There are some pretty sick doubles and triples but will anybody do a quad?  Don’t forget to register on this blog and we’ll send this weekends races straight to your inbox to watch whenever you like, no nonsense just your one stop show for 2015 supercross.

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So you’re lucky enough to have some new graphics for your bike and want to get them on ASAP to reflect your style. DON’T go rushing in to sticking them straight on your bike without first reading my fitting and care guide, otherwise you’ll end up getting frustrated whilst putting them on and disappointed when they don’t look as cool as you hoped on your bike. If you rush there’s also the risk they won’t last as long as you’d like them to. We’ve consulted graphics producers, spray paint and sign writing professionals to bring you this definitive guide to fitting your graphics.


Neo’s sponsor sent him the 2015 Nitro Neo edition Judd Racing Stealth graphics for Christmas so follow his steps to get your bike looking as sweet as his:


1. For the best result, fit your new graphics to new plastics. Well prepared used plastics will work well too if you’re not shelling out for new ones.  Each bike is different, Neo chose to apply his graphics kit with the plastics still on his bike as it provided a stable work surface.  We’ve looked at other bikes and they required some plastic panels to be removed to enable you to apply the decal around bends in the panel.

2. If you bought new plastics skip to step 3, if not, clean and dry your bike using the only products she deserves, Muc-Off. Don’t spray silicone, WD40 or anything else on the plastics afterwards.

3. Get together – your graphics kit, acetone (from Boots chemist or similar) three soft clean cotton rags or lint free cloths, a bowl of water and a hairdryer, perhaps best to plan this when your girlfriend is out if she’s precious of her expensive grooming apparatus 🙂

4. Prepare one plastic panel at a time. Dab some acetone on one of your clean cloths and give the plastic a good rub, on the front face and around the edges. The acetone will evaporate real fast, or use the hairdryer on a warm setting to speed it up, Neo did, he always does what’s best.


IMG_10855. Wet your second cloth in the bowl of water and wring it out really well before wiping over the plastic you have just cleaned with acetone, this makes sure there is no trace of solvent left on it; dry panel with a quick waft of the hairdryer.

6. Leave the backing on the decal whilst you first line it up on the plastic panel, check it’s a good fit and decide which edge of the decal you are going to apply first before smoothing the rest down. Some decals may need a trim at this stage if you’re fitting to odd shaped plastic panels. If a trim is needed use the sharpest scissors or Stanley knife you have so they don’t snag on the decal when trimming; blunt scissors can leave a jagged edge or not cut straight and smoothly.

You’re ready for step 7 once you are happy the decal fits perfectly over the plastic and around any cut outs like bolt holes or vents.


Evaporate acetone

Warm panel befor fitting


Warm decal for for shaping


7. It isn’t absolutely necessary to heat the decal before you apply it but it does help make it more flexible to apply around awkward shaped plastics, so again, warm the decal if desired, don’t heat it!


8. Peel the backing away from the decal along the edge you decided to apply first (see photos below), fold back the backing paper but don’t remove it all in one go. Apply the edge you are starting with and using the third dry clean cloth in one hand, smooth down the decal, working the cloth back and forth in straight lines. This gives a smooth application and prevents your fingers from sticking to the laminated plastic surface of the decal. If you just stick the decal straight on to the plastic panel you will trap air bubbles and the graphics will look rubbish and won’t last as long as they could have if applied correctly. Slowly work the cloth back and forth with one hand, applying the decal to the plastic as you go, and slowly peel the back off the decal with the other hand until you have worked your way along the decal and it is applied to the plastic panel.


Waft warm air to help glue go off



9. Waft the hairdryer over the decal you have just applied, on a medium heat to help the glue go off, whilst gently smoothing over it with the third clean cloth used during the application. Pay particular attention to going around the edges of the decal with the cloth to ensure they are properly stuck down.


10. Repeat this process to apply each decal to each plastic panel before standing back and admiring your handy work. Swit swoo, looking good!  If you need any more help or tips, get in touch.

Babe Behind the Blog x


Neo Dunkirk MX Track 3 loon plage


Hardcore Racing MX Master Kids UK 2014


The scene was set, the big day finally came after months of organising, on Saturday 13 September 2014 200 motocross racers aged 6-15 arrived at Kings Lynn to battle it out and see who was the fastest in the land.  Those 200 kids would race a qualifier that split them in to 9 groups; 45 races were planned over 2 days, and that’s why it was dubbed ‘Hardcore Racing MX Master Kids UK’!  It was the first event of its kind, born from the lack of races dedicated to smaller bikes, it was to show the world what UK 50cc, 65cc and 85cc racers are really made of.  Hardcore Racing did an exceptional job hosting one of the largest youth motocross racing events of 2014, and Team Nitro there with rider Nitro Neo.  You can read our blog building up to the event here and watch the video below or click here.


Neo had the privilege of gaining entry to race in a group of 50 six to nine year olds in the Auto 50cc group.  A friend of the team said “If I could build my own track I’d build it like East Trax”…. so all of Team Nitro were pretty excited to get going.
Nitro Neo headed to East Trax for a practice day a little earlier in the week, the rest of the team followed a couple of days later in order to support him through the weekend.  It was a three hour + drive to the venue from Team Nitro HQ, with a lot of the entrants travelling similar distances, it shows what an important event this was in the motocross calendar, and just how dedicated everybody was to come and try this new race.


East Trax not only has a wicked MX track, but organisers also shipped in a bouncy castle, bungee run, local food delivery services and ice creams to keep people chilled on what turned out to be a very hot weekend.  The kids soon used their imagination to turn the on site radio control car track in to their very own meeting venue and BMX track, so the kids were all kept well entertained catching up with existing racing buddies and making new friends from across the UK.  Team Nitro were astonished at just how many people came to speak to us because they recognised Nitro Neo and follow him on social media sites like Facebook, that really made our weekend, so a big “hi” once again to you all, please catch up with us at future events.


East Trax was prime for high octane racing, with it’s 2 mile long recently resurfaced track presenting some fast straights and a great variety of jumps which meant serious entertainment for the crowds coming to watch.  Lots of sponsors supported the event to ensure all kids received great prizes for their efforts, from trophies to hole shot awards, from helmets to professional coaching; these included Hardcore RacingJudd RacingDanger UK,  Thurrock Car and Van RentalsAction Film WerxTrain 2 GainBolddog Extreme SportsRedline Motorcycles,  Gear4 KTMPriden Engineering LtdPro-GreenDestination MXLinge Training AcademyOffroad Motorsport UKCarl Nunn MX TrainingSMRacing.

Fans of the sport who couldn’t make it also had a rare opportunity to watch the racing live via Live Stream thanks to Jason Kirby of Action Film Werx, check it out as next years GT Cup will also be streamed live for racing fans who aren’t able to make it to the tracks.  Also look out for Hardcore Racing MX Master Kids UK on Motors TV around 28 September, we’ll keep you posted on the specifics of that.

Day one of racing began at 7am with friendly event organisers pumping instructions out of the tannoy system.  Neo fuelled up with a healthy breakfast to keep him going and got his kit on ready for qualifying; base layer, knee and elbow guards, kidney belt, Nitro Neo design race jersey courtesy of sponsor D.J Text & Graphics, race pants, gloves, neck brace, MX boots, helmet and body armour courtesy of sponsor Chest Protector UK.  This was the riders first taste of the track after it had been watered and graded ready for the gate to drop.  The autos were out first followed by 65cc, 85cc small wheel and finally 85cc big wheel bikes.  This was stage one and decided whether riders would qualify for the premiere A group, or group B or C.
Qualifying was a great run, Neo battled hard against 50 other riders and made his team proud when officials handed over the A group marker, meaning he’d face off against the fastest boys in the UK in five more races.
An off in race one cost Neo valuable points, there was confusion as to who was allowed trackside for pick ups meaning nobody was around to help get Neo’s bike started again.  His grit and determination showed through and Neo fought hard to battle through the pack and increase his points.  As each race passed, the crowds got louder and louder cheering on their favourite rider, it was a very exciting time, one of those that can make your spine tingle.
Race two proved to be a good start; you can see Neo in his black Rockstar helmet in the distance around second place in the photo below.  The number board went up and the racers turned their attention to the gate in front of them, brapapapapapapapapap, and when the gate dropped, what an awesome roar brrrrrraaaaaap, all the racers came flying out of the gate.  This was the best race of the weekend for Neo, he was on fire!  He worked the track like he had been practicing there for years, flowing like a river around the twists and turns of the track.  Neo lapped many riders and battled with older boys managing to take some of those in their last year riding autos.
Race four was another good race, with Neo putting his skills into practice.  He stayed on his bike and really twisted that throttle.   When Neo came off the track he told us he was dedicating that race to his grandad who couldn’t make it to watch him due to illness – he was very proud of his efforts, he knew he’d raced well and tried his best.
Race five: The final race of the weekend saw a good start and Neo stayed high up the pack for the majority of the race, taking a bad line in lap 3 cost him several places and a lot of points as racers chasing him saw an opportunity to sneak on by.  A few riders crashed making it difficult to pass and maintain speed with the yellow flags being out, which proved difficult for Neo to make up the places he was battling for.

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Team Nitro give a huge pat on the back to one of Neo’s best racing friends, a kid who worked really hard to win the auto class; Kyle Ingram rode extremely well and nobody deserved to stand on that number one podium spot more, well done dude.
We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Brad Boughen for organising the event and every last person who helped make it such a memorable experience; running under the rules and regulations of Offroad Motorsport UK ensured the two days ran seamlessly.
Babe Behind the Blog Interview with Nitro Neo


What was the best thing about MX Master Kids UK?

“The people, people I’ve never met before wishing me well, everybody was so friendly”.

What was the track like to race on?

“It’s a really good track, I like all of the jumps and catching up with the people that run it, I can’t practice here much because I live so far away so it was good to see Tom, Andy and Dave.  They look after East Trax really well”.

Will you return next year?

Yeah!  There is so much to do between races.  I loved riding around the BMX track we made, the camp fire at night, going on the playstation with my friends.  It’s been a sick weekend, the racings been really fast, I actually can’t wait to come back to Master Kids UK, I’ve met loads of people.

Photos from Hardcore Racing MX Master Kids UK

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The Men Behind The Hardcore Masters Kids UK 2014, Roland Shaw And Brad Boughen, explain how the event came about.

Hardcore Racing MX Master Kids UK

It’s just around the corner!  On Saturday 13 September Hardcore Racing MX Master Kids UK will bring together around 200 young races for one of the largest youth motocross racing events of 2014, and Team Nitro will be there with Nitro Neo.

MX Master Kids UK is being held at East Trax in King’s Lynn that is prime for high octane racing, with it’s 2 mile long recently resurfaced track presenting some fast straights and a great variety of jumps which means serious entertainment for the crowds coming to watch.  Lots of sponsors are supporting the event to ensure all kids receive a great prizes them for their efforts, from trophies to hole shot awards, from helmets to professional coaching.

So if you like motorsports why not check out some of the best motocross racing in the UK, where races are only aged 6-15!  You can watch all races LIVE by logging in to Live Stream and it will be aired on Motors TV around 28 September, but we’ll keep you posted on the specifics of that.

Neo is racing in the Auto class and a race schedule is below.  6-9 year olds will put there 50cc race tuned machines through their paces, and up to 10 year olds will be having a blast on their 65cc bikes; 9-12 year olds will push their 85cc small wheel bikes whilst 11-15 year olds will be on the biggest bikes for this event, the 85cc motocross bike with big wheels.

Event details:

Held at East Trax, Eastlands Bank, Walpole St Andrews, Kings Lynn, PE14 7LB.  Freestyle Motocross (FMX) Show Saturday at 6pm and 7:30pm.  Spares, equipment and advice available from Hardcore Racing, Judd Racing, Danger UK,  Thurrock Car and Van Rentals, Action Film Werx, Train 2 Gain, Bolddog Extreme Sports, Redline Motorcycles,  Gear4 KTM, Priden Engineering Ltd, Pro-Green, Destination MX, Linge Training Academy, Offroad Motorsport UK, Carl Nunn MX Training, SMRacing.

Nitro Neo practicing at East Trax

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Fresh water taps, jet wash, toilet block, huge paddocks.


Friday 12 September

Signing on.

Saturday 13th
Signing on.
Rider briefing


Race 1

Race 2

Race 3

Evening Entertainment
Freestyle display
Riders awards

Sunday 14th starting with 10mins practice


Race 4

Race 5

Trophy presentations.

Nitro Neo gets his first chance to race at national level, aged just 6

It’s always busy in the world of motocross, and this summer has been no different in the run up to the Offroad Motorsport UK Michelin Finals.  Nitro Neo has been training even harder since qualifying for this prestigious race, here we explain how he got his chance and share some action shots of all the fun on the way.

In May 2014 Nitro Neo, age 6, ranked 3rd in his Club Championships which meant he qualified for the semi-finals, this was his chance to earn a highly desired place in the Offroad Motorsport UK Michelin Finals; a chance to race against the top 6-9 year old boys and girls from across the UK on 50cc race spec motocross bikes, but did he make it?

Motocross clubs operating under Offroad Motorsport UK (ORMS UK) put forward their 6 top riders from the Club Championships to compete in the semi-finals on 8 June 2014.  As Neo ranked 3rd in his Club Championships this secured him a place in the semis.  Two semi-finals were held, one in the north and one in the south of the country and the top 16 riders from each of these events qualified for a coveted place in the finals.  Neo accumulated enough points at the semi-finals to qualify for the ORMS UK Finals sponsored by Michelin.

As you can imagine, Neo’s team were ecstatic with his achievement. Manager Shaun McCartney said:

It is well deserved, Neo works so hard and despite being up against older children in his group who have several years more experience than him, he gives each race his best shot. It’s safe to say he’s the fastest of the six year olds on the line up!  We set realistic objectives for Neo and support him every step of the way so when his determination to get to the finals paid off we were so happy for him, it’s going to be an amazing experience for every racer that makes it.

The semi-finals in June seem like a distant memory now, but it’s safe to say that preparation to get there started a long time ago.  Neo eats a healthy balanced diet any top athlete would approve of and he trains four times a week to make sure he is in tip top shape for competitive racing; martial arts, swimming, sparring and motocross training each week help Neo on his quest to be his best.



That’s quite a packed schedule for a 6 year old, so it’s also important he gets chance to chill out and relax.  To unwind he likes to play outdoors with friends, have a blast on the PS4 (MXGP of course) and when he has a few hours spare there are always movies to kick back with, Lego Movie, Rio 2 and Moto: The Movie series being just a few favourites.  He also loves eating out with family and having a full body massage when he can, don’t we all?  Oh yes, and of course there is school and homework to keep on top of inbetween all of this!


A Last Chance Qualifier held on 29 June saw 7 last minute entries join the other 32 top riders, making a line up of 39 heading to the Finals at Wild Tracks in Newmarket, Suffolk for two days of racing on 16-17 August 2014.

Making it to the semis and the finals is a massive achievement so well done to everyone who made it.

Finally, a big thank you to Neo’s mechanic. Without him, the finals, all races and practice wouldn’t be possible. There have been a number of bike issues to overcome in the run up to this big race… so a big Nitro thank you for getting him up and running and ready to race once again.

Neo thumbs up start gate

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