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The UK’s largest children’s charity, IMG_0072Barnardos, nominated schoolboy Neo McCartney for a Pride of Britain Award because staff are so moved by the compassion he shows others and impressed by all he has achieved by the tender age of nine.  The Pride of Britain Awards celebrate the achievements of truly remarkable people who make our world a better place and Neo’s father, Shaun McCartney commented “Although Neo wasn’t a finalist this year; it is an accomplishment in itself for Barnardo’s to believe he is worthy.”

Devika Chowdhury from Barnardo’s, said: “Neo is an inspirational young man who goes above and beyond to raise money for those who are less fortunate than himself.  We are very grateful for all the fundraising Neo does for Barnardo’s.”

The motocross racing champion, better known as Nitro Neo said “ My charity work started when I saw a news story about children who had to spend Christmas in hospital.  I thought they would be sad not having any presents to open on Christmas day because Santa delivered them to their homes, so I asked my dad if I could take some of my toys in to hospital for them to play with.”  Shaun added “I posted what Neo was doing on his social media and fans replied wanting to add to his donation, we made it easy for anybody to get involved by letting fans know if everybody donated a little, it would amount to a lot when Neo gathered all the gifts together; then off we went driving around gathering toys”.

The sporting celebrity has continued this charity work ever since and achieved his mission of spreading smiles on the faces of children using Barnardo’s and Derbyshire Children’s Hospital by delivering hundreds of gifts gathered through his ‘Nitro Neo Eggstravaganza’ and ‘Operation Christmas Smiles’ campaigns.  Neo spends time with the children and their families to distract them from their troubles when he delivers the gifts, Shaun told us “I think people appreciate his time more than the gifts, they talk about his racing, he takes the children to play areas and even takes his motocross bike with him so children can be photographed sat on it to show their visitors and talk about their experience.”

Neo used his high profile to promote the Ice Bucket Challenge in an attempt to increase donations to help the Motor Neurone Disease Association find a cure for his grandad who was suffering from MND at the time, but sadly passed away recently after an astonishing eight year battle with the disease.

Neo is in full time education and trains on and off the track several times a week for motocross races but has worked hard to achieve more by the age of nine than others manage in a lifetime.  Shaun told us “He has won international and regional motocross titles, advanced in swimming to become a Rookie Lifeguard, named Jon Jepson Black Belt Academy Student of the Year and will grade for his black belt next year, named as Derby’s Local Hero and received the Bobby Dorka Foundation Award”.

We asked Neo what drives him to work so hard and he told us “My grandad and dad teach me to always do the right thing so I help people fix their problems instead of struggle on their own, but I can only do the big missions with the help of my fans, I want to thank them for supporting me racing and helping me spread smiles for #NitroAid.”

We’re sure the people of Britain will be proud of this young boy when they hear of this news, the contribution he makes to society and proof people are capable of great things.

Keep up with Nitro Neo’s adventures and next mission to spread smiles by visiting his website and following Nitro Neo on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.


So you’re in a jam on what present to buy somebody, whether it’s a small or big kid,  Nitro Neo has you covered with Lego motocross toys, oh yes, two of the coolest things in the world!  Some imagination is required from what I saw him playing with earlier, but as you can see from the photos he has his Lego sets dialled in!

photo 4-1


Some Lego was clearly motocross themed but Neo also took standard pieces to do a top job running his own Monster Energy Supercross race.  He has everything to play as the rider who heads out for fun at the weekend, through to a full factory pro-rider set up….



….Mixing your imagination and LEGO sets like the dirt bike transporter, City camper van, monster trucks and big boy sets such as Speed Champions; with random pieces to make flags and a podium with trophies and prize money is what makes it all happen.  Motorhome to pro-factory rigs, spectators, racers with body armour and helmets and goggles, marshals with flags, mechanics with tools and spares  You get the drift, basically he’s slowly bought the lot with his race winnings!

So, if you’re stuck for ideas on what to get the motocross lover in your life for their birthday, Christmas, or whatever the occassion, here you go, some Lego will surely be their favourite toy of the day.  Plus, you can add to it each time you buy them a gift or they can use their pocket money to build it up (or wages, we know big kids will love these too).  I hope you like our inspiration, and good luck tapping in to Nitro Neo’s imagination. There was some pretty big jumps and whips being pulled at the Nitro Neo Motocross World Championships!


Where to find it?  Try Argos, Argos sells everything and often have awesome deals on, Smyths, Toys R Us, or search for the sets listed below that Nitro Neo has, and of course utilise your imagination and existing lego to complete your set!

LEGO City High Speed Police Chase – 60042

LEGO City Race Car – 60053

LEGO City Dirt Bike Transporter – 4433

LEGO Monster Trucks – 10655

LEGO Scuderia Ferrari Truck – 75913

LEGO City Camper Van – 60057

Are all #NitroNeoApproved



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Setting trends and railing bends at


Morning everybody

I just wanted to bring some extra sunshine to your Sunday morning.  I told you the blog is fuelled by Nitro so this is just a line to say don’t go searching for last nights round 2 footage from Arizona, you’ll only see spoilers.  I’m going to share the footage with you in just a few minutes, man I’m good to you all!

Stay right there while I upload the footage!