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2015 Eggstravaganza set to be bigger and better – helping more children

Yes folks, here is your opportunity to spread smiles this Easter.  Nitro Neo will be doing what is now becoming his annual Easter egg drive for children in unfortunate circumstances.


This Easter Nitro Neo will not only be supporting the work of Derbyshire Children’s Hospital, but also Barnardo’s the leading national children’s charity by delivering chocolate eggs to spread more smiles, to more children, in more places.

Nitro is appealing to his friends, family and fans to donate as many chocolate eggs as possible to share equally between the two charities to put a smile on as many children’s faces as possible this easter time. In addition, he’s set up a JustGiving page to raise money with the proceeds going directly to Barnardo’s.
In years gone by, with the help of each and every one of you, Neo has managed to give 250 toys to the children’s hospital, followed by 180 easter eggs as well as raising much needed awareness of MND with the Ice Bucket Challenge.  He can’t do it without you, so here’s how you can get involved in something amazing.


Get in touch through the following channels and let us know if you can donate – we’re happy to collect eggs if you can’t get them to us:

Tel:  07527 494879
Comment on the blog
Donate via JustGiving
FullSizeRender[2]Neo kick started his appeal by using the prize money he won taking the hole shot in his last race to buy some chocolate eggs.  
Neo has received a donation from his sponsors Judd Racing and Muc-Off.  Sainsbury’s supermarkets across Derby have also offered Neo a chocolate egg trolley dash worth over £100 – so he’s off to a good start.
Neo’s next step is appealing to local media organisations asking for their support to raise awareness and help with his fund and egg raising efforts – so here’s hoping they show support for this great cause.
The easter eggs and donations will be handed over as close to Easter Sunday as possible – so we need your chocolate eggs by Thursday 2nd April so you can help make a child smile this Easter, imagine if each of Neo’s fans gave even one egg each, it all adds up! In true Nitro Neo style he will take his motocross bike when visiting the children, he’ll spend time with them and let them have a sit on his bike if they are feeling well enough – he will sort the whole package for a day of smiles 😀
Finally – thank you once again to each and every Nitro Neo fan – you’re the ones that make all this possible, and all of us at Nitro HQ are extremely grateful for your support.

Nitro Neo has been called upon! Following the success of Operation Christmas smiles where Nitro Neo delivered 250 toys to Derbyshire Children’s Hospital, we have been asked to return and spread more smiles this Easter, and who are we to say no to poorly children?  As with Christmas we can’t do it alone, we need your help to gather as many Easter eggs as possible, so we’d love to hear from you if you can spare one from your child’s collection:

Contact details | 07527 494879 | facebook | Twitter | Comment on this blog

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The success of Operation Christmas Smiles was down to Nitro Neo’s fans who contacted us to make small and large donations of toys, we’re hoping we can all chip in and do the same to spread more smiles this Easter.  The children at the hospital were most grateful, we could tell by the smiles on their faces, just look at some of the photos.  Well Easter will soon be here and we all know chocolate can put a smile on a poorly child’s face too.  So here’s the plan:

  • Nitro Neo has already donated 8 Easter eggs from his Bugatti Veyron saving tin, and his sponsors, tmi, have donated a super sized egg;
  • Neo’s fans contact us to make a donation of Easter eggs or money for us to collect eggs on your behalf;
  • We collect the Easter egg(s) from you or buy them on your behalf;
  • Neo delivers the Easter Eggs to Derbyshire Children’s Hospital….on his motocross bike!
  • Children who are well enough to leave the wards will be able to have their photo taken on Neo’s motocross bike to show family and friends.
  • Neo will visit the wards to deliver the Easter eggs and cheer up patients who aren’t well enough to be home to spend Easter with family and friends.

Remember, if you would like to help, here’s how to get in touch:

Contact details | 07527 494879 | facebook | Twitter | Comment on this blog