Nitro Neo gets his first chance to race at national level, aged just 6

It’s always busy in the world of motocross, and this summer has been no different in the run up to the Offroad Motorsport UK Michelin Finals.  Nitro Neo has been training even harder since qualifying for this prestigious race, here we explain how he got his chance and share some action shots of all the fun on the way.

In May 2014 Nitro Neo, age 6, ranked 3rd in his Club Championships which meant he qualified for the semi-finals, this was his chance to earn a highly desired place in the Offroad Motorsport UK Michelin Finals; a chance to race against the top 6-9 year old boys and girls from across the UK on 50cc race spec motocross bikes, but did he make it?

Motocross clubs operating under Offroad Motorsport UK (ORMS UK) put forward their 6 top riders from the Club Championships to compete in the semi-finals on 8 June 2014.  As Neo ranked 3rd in his Club Championships this secured him a place in the semis.  Two semi-finals were held, one in the north and one in the south of the country and the top 16 riders from each of these events qualified for a coveted place in the finals.  Neo accumulated enough points at the semi-finals to qualify for the ORMS UK Finals sponsored by Michelin.

As you can imagine, Neo’s team were ecstatic with his achievement. Manager Shaun McCartney said:

It is well deserved, Neo works so hard and despite being up against older children in his group who have several years more experience than him, he gives each race his best shot. It’s safe to say he’s the fastest of the six year olds on the line up!  We set realistic objectives for Neo and support him every step of the way so when his determination to get to the finals paid off we were so happy for him, it’s going to be an amazing experience for every racer that makes it.

The semi-finals in June seem like a distant memory now, but it’s safe to say that preparation to get there started a long time ago.  Neo eats a healthy balanced diet any top athlete would approve of and he trains four times a week to make sure he is in tip top shape for competitive racing; martial arts, swimming, sparring and motocross training each week help Neo on his quest to be his best.



That’s quite a packed schedule for a 6 year old, so it’s also important he gets chance to chill out and relax.  To unwind he likes to play outdoors with friends, have a blast on the PS4 (MXGP of course) and when he has a few hours spare there are always movies to kick back with, Lego Movie, Rio 2 and Moto: The Movie series being just a few favourites.  He also loves eating out with family and having a full body massage when he can, don’t we all?  Oh yes, and of course there is school and homework to keep on top of inbetween all of this!


A Last Chance Qualifier held on 29 June saw 7 last minute entries join the other 32 top riders, making a line up of 39 heading to the Finals at Wild Tracks in Newmarket, Suffolk for two days of racing on 16-17 August 2014.

Making it to the semis and the finals is a massive achievement so well done to everyone who made it.

Finally, a big thank you to Neo’s mechanic. Without him, the finals, all races and practice wouldn’t be possible. There have been a number of bike issues to overcome in the run up to this big race… so a big Nitro thank you for getting him up and running and ready to race once again.

Neo thumbs up start gate

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